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Methods and Security

To achieve its goals, SHOM™ employs two of its partner methods, Etiotropic Trauma Management (ETM) and Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT) to find and reverse trauma at incremental (each person comprising the sphere of the trauma’s systemic influences) levels, first and the spiraling trauma’s effects on the system,  second.

1.    ETM categorizes kinds (sources) of individual and systemic trauma etiology and directs pertinent crisis management elements of a system’s (community, state, nation) trauma responding organizations to find and remove or reverse that etiology created as a consequence of the criminal violent (terrorist) acts contrived to depreciate individual citizen and the polity identities. Detailed instructions for that implementation attend the ETM modality for every kind of traumatic event(s) incurred.

2.    Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT)

a.     establishes the parameters required to cordon off interfering exogenous variables that preclude reversal of individual trauma etiology and

b.    ethically employs a scaffolding protectorate that supports complete etiology reversal for the affected (surviving) individual(s).

c.     “ethically” means among other things referenced in ETM TRT training literature that reversal of trauma etiology includes restoration of that ontological essence that existed pre trauma and never imposition of facilitating management notions of what that ontological composition should be (as is the Cognitive Behavioral method attending Nosotropic addresses of trauma-caused behavior).

3.    Facilitated together, ETM and TRT’s incremental reversal of trauma etiology at individual traumatized citizen levels will reverse systemic trauma etiology automatically. Reversal of trauma etiology at individual and systemic stratifications restores individual and systemic identity elements of otherwise trauma affected human ontology, undermines pathological attempts to support perpetrator activities, and strengthens individual and systemic will in the minimum back to their pre-trauma statuses, and turns terrorist psychopathology back upon the administering predator organization’s leadership.

SHOM’s operational protocols must be applied from the trauma affected polity’s executive management in concert, that is, in coordination with not necessarily just SHOM methods. They mandate security measures as the applied priority. As any dutiful clinician would ensure that a client victimized by a predator was availed of social/legal protections, make recommendations for securing the targeted population against known or prospective enemy-initiated continued assault/attack/harm, particularly that which is thought to be existential. I’ve written (updating this page beginning in 2014) to serve as an example of such an application. Second to, or in the minimum to mean in conjunction with, meeting security needs, apply didactic- and oration-based entreaties (Cognitive-Behavioral and inspirational leadership admonitions) to the affected population as to how to respond. Hence, client executive leadership training in the administration of SHOM facilitates achievement of the method’s goals.


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