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The Original “Etiotropic”  -  41 Years Strategically addressing Trauma’s Etiology
Contact Psychological Trauma (PTSD) Cope or Cure?! Scroll Here for Page Navigation Assistance 1st Visit? Start here. ETM TRT SHOM Publications, LLC E Books Blogs-Shortstories OPED Essay Mental Health Storm Overcoming Civilizational National Strengthening and an Ever- Management Computer Applications Video Graphics Education in ETM TRT SHOM Meanings of Terms Your Interests?! ETM  TRT SHOM TM (Suggestions) Etiotropic Trauma Management (ETM) TM Strategic Planning and Application to Individuals and Crisis Response Systems     1982 ETM  TRT SHOM TM TM Strategic Human Ontological Management  (SHOM) An intendedly Private National Security Component of  ETM, TRT ETM  TRT SHOM TM TM 1979-2015 TM Trauma Resolution Therapy    Individual Clinical Component of Etiotropic Trauma Management   (ETM) (TRT) 1978 TM ETM  TRT SHOM TM TM ETM TRT SHOM Relationships