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Copyright 1979-2012   Jesse W. Collins II
ETM TRT’s “cure” of psychological trauma (and its behavioral manifestation “PTSD”) refers to the  complete resolution of a given source of psychological trauma. “Resolution” means that the pre trauma  elements of the existential aspects of identity related to that source which are placed into molecular  extinction by the traumatic event, are facilitated (congruently) to completion: pre and post trauma  identities are reconciled via the referenced molecular change (extinction).  This cure-resolution occurs within the theorem that trauma etiology and trauma symptoms are  mutually inclusive; you can’t have one without the other. Hence, facilitating molecular extinction, which  is synonymous with reversing or removing trauma’s etiology, also removes traumatic symptoms,   referred to in today’s literature as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Significantly (because of the way that trauma etiology retains itself in consciousness-memory), attempts  to identify and end symptoms first as used in competing Nosotropically focused modalities like  Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and most non structured  psychodynamic models  exacerbate, unbeknownst to the administrator, the trauma condition (PTSD) by actually  strengthening  etiology, ironically and paradoxically ensuring perpetuation of symptoms, probably for life absent  epiphanilogically proportioned intervention. One secret to trauma’s resolution, therefore, is to control  that Nosotropically enhanced installed repeating irony (counter-productive paradoxical CBT-caused  influence / condition) while reversing, expunging or otherwise removing the correlate trauma etiology, a  consequent outcome (as opposed to a goal) being dissipation of attending trauma symptoms. To  distinguish the ETM modality with emphasis, the goal in this use is only to resolve the trauma  completely.