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Purposes and Goals of
SHOM (Strategic Human Ontological Management)
The purpose of SHOM is to provide for strategic application of ETM TRT into  communities-nations. That is, SHOM provides the rules and guidelines for applying  ETM TRT in its various implementations to the designated community-nation.   As in the application of ETM TRT to organizations and individuals, SHOM’s primary  goal is to incrementatally remove psychological trauma etiology from the individuals  which comprise the system and that trauma etiology which is systemically harbored in  the community-nation as a  whole or entity.  Although in the SHOM application the primary goal is to reverse individual and  systemic trauma etiology, a secondary expectation, that is, goal of the implementation,   is to employ those activities for the additional purpose of preventing and thus ending  the use by antagonists, i.e., perpetrators of violent crime (e.g., applied in terrorism,  guerrilla, gang and asymmetric war), to influence the voting persuasions of the  targeted polity, in this instance the one hopefully applying SHOM as a community or  national defense against such applications. 
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