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Contents Classic Entry Purposes and Goals of ETM TRT SHOM ETM (Etiotropic Trauma Management) The purpose of ETM is to provide for strategic application of TRT into systems, which can be either individual  or  organizational. That is, ETM provides the rules and guidelines for applying TRT in its various applications. Examples of ETMís application to an individual can include a person who 	1.	has been affected by multiple souurces of trauma often occurring over long periods, as in a life span.  	2.	is involved in interactional (couples and family) therapy in the same facility  or is engaged in other helping activities; strategic use of ETM ensures that  TRTís application is coordinated with the other therapies or management activities. Examples of ETMís application to an organization can include one that is engaged in  	1.	military operations 	2.	education of children 	3.	EMS and law enforcement, and 	4.	any organization affected by psychological trauma As in the application of TRT, ETMís goal is to remove psychological trauma etiology from the individuals which comprise the system and that trauma etiology which is harbored in the organization systemically. This is Pg2 of 3
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