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Disclaimers - see also “Certification,” and “Not a Solicitation.” 1. ETM TRT SHOM is a professionally facilitated clinical and management program that  requires attainment of professional level skills in clinical and / or crisis management  backgrounds before ETM TRT SHOM professional training may be acquired (see  Certification below). 2. ETM TRT SHOM is only administered to members of the public by a professionally  trained and licensed professional (by his own state authority) who is also trained and  certified to administer ETM TRT SHOM in clinical or crisis management settings. 3. ETM TRT SHOM is NOT a self-help program. 4. This site serves only as an information support educational program for Certified ETM  TRT SHOM clinical therapists and crisis managers, and both groups’, respectively, patients and clients / associates. 5. The site is NOT a solicitation to engage either professionally or as a clinical patient in ETM TRT SHOM.
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