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This site serves as an information, educational and training system for 1. Professionals, managers, and organizations who and which are either already ETM  TRT SHOM trained and certified or are in the process of becoming  so qualified  2. Patients (and their families - friends) and clients of Certified ETM TRT SHOM  clinical professionals and  crisis managers  3. Researchers and students of psychological trauma who are studying the subject  through its address by and with ETM TRT SHOM  4.  Any person  who is interested in learning about ETM TRT SHOM   
*Very importantly, this site is NOT a SOLICITATION to engage in ETM TRT SHOM  at any level of direct service. Nor, does this site support non ETM TRT SHOM Certified  Professional uses or other, and especially to include (means does not support) Self-help,  applications of ETM TRT SHOM. 
This Site is NOT a Solicitation*