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Extra, but needed for modality distinguishment. When interventions on this (trauma) paradox occur  outside of the ETM TRT treatment environment, they are usually experienced as a spiritual event of  substantial proportions. Hence, when the paradox is circumvented with TRT and the etiology made  extinct, people think of ETM TRT as a spiritual model that magically or as if in a miracle removes their  lifelong condition. Importantly for the notion of the term as used in this application, ETM TRT is NOT a  spiritual program, but rather focuses secularly on the neurological and other biological basis of PTSD’s  substrate.   ETM TRT focuses its activities on identification and reversal of all trauma etiology in a manner  particular to TRT that ends trauma symptom presentation. That “manner” necessarily requires a de-  paradoxing response proportionate to the trauma’s on-setting one, especially as it may have been  supported over the life cycle by exogenous variables like the uses of formal and informal (social drug /  alcohol use) medication, Nosotropically-, pharmacological- and conversion-gone-awry conceived helping  epistemologies, to include their underpinning mind controlling philosophy, stoicism, which otherwise is a  very valuable psychological necessity for surviving traumatic events at their initiation. Subsequently,  facilitating its cure with ETM TRT involves temporarily setting aside during its application the non  existential elements of a culture’s thought systems, because they sequiturely assists in reinforcing the  traumas’ individual and collective staying power. Again, they are hallmarked by the myth “There is no  cure for psychological trauma and PTSD; so we need to be strong, which also means to learn better how  to cope, and well.”  Because of their deleterious influences (ensuring retention of trauma etiology), ETM TRT SHOM throws  that coping stuff (referenced in the previous paragraph) out so that trauma’s curability is unencumbered  by those kinds of interfering  variables.  
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