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ETM Professional: Introduction

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Welcome to ETM  Professional's Introduction
This page Overviews the ETM Tutorial's Professional Section

ETM Professional supports etiotropically focused clinical and management (including strategic management) responses to and prevention of psychological trauma.  These clinical - management activities are directed for

the Benefit of All Trauma Affected People

and as they Present in Every Time Frame

  • Individuals (public, crisis managers)
  • Systems (families, organizations)
  • Communities - Cultures

  • Next
  • Immediate - emergency
  • Intermediate - under 90 days
  • Longer-Term - months, years, decades

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"Etiotropically focused" means that the support provides for the identification and reversal of psychological trauma etiology. Click the Glossary button for the ETM language interpretation and use of trauma etiology, reversal, etiotropic and ETM.

ETM Professional supports ETM's application by providing ready access to information pertinent to the professional's particular responsibilities. Following are examples of ETM Professional's menu and purposes each section serves.

ETM Professional (Main Menu)
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If you are responding to the emergency and intermediate components of the trauma, you can go directly to ETM Professional's "Fast Help" section. Or if you are reversing longer-term trauma etiology for both individuals and families, you can get the information you need from the "Clinical" section. Clinical also has a special section for the treatment of chemically dependent people and their families. Planners and strategists are supported by "Strategic" and "Start - Set Up." "About" addresses theoretical, comparison,  bibliographical, reference and methodological development interests.  "Training" describes the ETM training and certification processes.

Although anyone is invited to review ETM Professional, it supports primarily ETM professionals who've already been ETM trained and certified. Click the Glossary button for a description of the ETM language's use and meaning of "professional."