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One knowledge base and narrative describing the development, application and conditions determining  ETM’s and TRT’s formation and performance through its address of psychological trauma and Post  Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is provided in the book             Professional Due Diligence for the First Secular Cure of Psychological Trauma (PTSD).  A second information compendium discussing due diligence is provided in two prefaces. They are  Preface One from:   The Great Evidence-Based, Cognitive Behavioral Therepy, Self Help, and Government    Merger; Monopolistic  Cultural Infusions of Pharmacological and Behavioral Whackamole.  Preface Two (focusing primarily on combat trauma) from:  Guerrilla, Terrorism or Asymmetric Warfare’s Pathogenesis and Cure  A third information focus regarding this subject is provided in the ETM TRT Tutorial in the following  sections under the “Professional” tab: 
                           ETM TRT SHOM Professional Due Diligence, Training and Certification