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“Empirical Summary”

The paragraph below is taken with permission from the initial chapter of

Etiotropic Trauma Management Trauma Resolution Therapy


Description: This is Book VIII of the 32 book Etiotropic Trauma Management Series authored by Jesse Collins 

Professional Due Diligence
for the

1st Secular Cure of PTSD


By Jesse W. Collins II


The Etiotropic Trauma Management Series




This book supports for professional due diligence (ethical and legal) purposes our assertion that ETM TRT cures psychological trauma and its chronic behavioral manifestation, PTSD. To that end, the book describes ETM TRT’s development and supporting research to include:

“Empirical Analysis of Outcomes; Incremental Theory and Application Development Documentation; Nomenclature Clarification and Standardization; Comparison to and Contrast with Competing Modalities (Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic) and their differing Addresses of Comorbidy, Multiple Sources of Trauma and Medication; Literature Review; Bibliography; Credibility; Personal Experience influences (first recorded between 1978 and 1985 and published in all texts and the ETM Tutorial thereafter) upon the Model’s Creation, Development and Epistemology.” 

“Empirical Summary Statement”

After having developed Etiotropic Trauma Management™ Trauma Resolution Therapy™ (hereafter “ETM TRT”) for over 7 years (1979 – 1986) within a stringently, highly competitive, observed, codified and credible (government and Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations – JCAHO annual and tri-annual audits) specialized group of nationally located psychological trauma and Family Chemical Dependency treatment facilities, the ETM TRT model has completely resolved psychological trauma, that is, cured it, when applied in accordance with its administration criteria (published since 1985 in all class texts and patient educational materials and online in the ETM Tutorial since 1994) in every instance that it was observed, having done so since removing (between 1983 and 1986) with pedantically and rigorously focused oversight all interfering exogenous and comorbid variables from the treatment environment. ETM TRT’s “complete resolution” is scalable, immutable and perdurable, meaning that it maintains its phenomenal cure rate of one hundred percent no matter the kind of trauma, against all challenges, and for all time. 


Jesse Collins


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